Tuck COVID-19 Information and Campus Updates


Basketball Club
The Tuck Basketball Club organizes both competitive and pick-up games for all members of the Tuck community. In addition, the Club also participates in the Dartmouth undergraduate and graduate intramural leagues and in an annual MBA tournament at HBS.
Leadership - Shiv Bery, Taylor Beaton, Jack Denzler, Henry Yoo, Binh Doan

Golf Club
Fostering the love of the game, one swing at a time. 
Leadership - Liz Calby, Darryn Solimene, Peter Reilly, Jin Eo, Steve Curran

Sailing Club
Leadership - CarolAnn Ferris, Willem Sandberg, Caleb Dorfman, Ned Scadden

Soccer Club
Tuck welcomes soccer (or "football") enthusiasts of all levels. Both men and women participate in regular practices, usually 2-3 times per week outside in good weather and 1-2 times per week indoors in the winter.
Leadership - Taylor Beaton, Gordie Bailey, Pedro Dutra, Simon Hirsch, Grant Schaller, Andres Diaz

Ski and Snowboard Club
Tuck's premier winter sports destination. The Skiing and Boarding Club organizes group ski days, a ski swap, and an annual Spring Break Trip.
Leadership - Harriet Partridge; Henry Steuer; Maria Mastanduno; Posie Holmes; Scott Nelson

Tennis Club
The mission of the Tuck Tennis club is to help tennis players in the Tuck community find each other and play matches. We also seek to expand the number of tennis players at Tuck by offering clinics and lessons. The Tuck Tennis Club wants to increase the exposure of tennis around Tuck through viewings of matches, optional excursions, etc
Leadership - Ivan Florian, Neeraj Venkatesan

Tripod Hockey (Men)
Men's Tripod Hockey is a fall/winter/spring hockey league that plays at both Thompson and Campion rinks.
Leadership - DK Kurnick; Austin Pittman

Tripod Hockey (Women)
Women's Tripod Hockey is a hockey league open to all women of the Tuck Community. We welcome all skill levels, whether you are learning how to play or continuing to improve at hockey.
Leadership - Élise Sauvé; Maria Mastanduno

Tuck A/B Hockey
The Tuck A and B hockey teams are comprised of former high school and college players that compete in local hockey leagues, as well as tournaments with other MBA programs.
Leadership A Team - Matt Tierney; Steve Hruby
Leadership B Team - Gunnar Esiason, Michael Fitzgerald, Steven Curran

Tuck Athletic Club
Whether you swim, bike, and/or run, we are a group of athletically minded Tuckies who enjoy exploring the beautiful surroundings around Hanover.
Leadership - Justine SeraganianChris GranataRachel LeaderachMaddie Conlin

Tuck Rowing Club
The Tuck Rowing Club is for experienced and novice rowers alike, providing learn-to-row lessons and training sessions for the Tuck community on the beautiful Connecticut River, as well as competitive opportunities for experienced rowers.
Leadership - Kailah Siddartha, Elizabeth Holmes

Tuck Rugby Club
Tuck's rugby club plays a full season of matches against other business schools and local clubs. Our year culminates at the MBA World Cup in the Spring, held at Duke, which brings back many alumni and is a highlight of many students' MBA experience. We welcome both experienced players and those new to the game, and provide a lively social scene alongside the game itself.
Men's Rugby Leadership - Kurt Buchbinder, Chris Banks, Brian Guillen, Tyrus House
Women's Touch Rugby Leadership - Harriet Partridge

Tuck Sailing Club
The mission of the Tuck Sailing club is to welcome and connect sailing enthusiasts of all levels. We aim to facilitate exposure to the sport locally, forge global connections through participation in international regattas, and provide opportunities for further sailing education. The Tuck Sailing Club cultivates the Tuck spirit through its focus on sportsmanship and teamwork.
Leadership - Christina GiordanoLiz BriggsRobert SchrettlOlivia Moore

Tuck Squash Club
The Tuck Squash Club meets on a weekly basis to allow students and other members in the community to compete and hone their skills.
Leadership - Chandler Lusardi